My beautiful silver ring birthday gift this summer.


My boyfriend and I always do something special for each other’s birthday, this year we decided to go to Virginia Beach for our romantic summer getaway, since my birthday is the first week of June. For me just spending time with him makes me happy. But this year he had an extra special little gift for me, he gave me this beautiful elegant ring. Which I love, love, love from the first moment he gave it to me. When I asked him where he purchased the ring and how much he paid for it, he didn’t want to tell me anything. I know it is not right to ask the price of a gift but in this case I am really happy with this ring and I really wanted to know more about it, but after days of asking him about my new ring and him not telling me anything. I stopped asking. Until my mom toldme that she really likedthe ring too. And she said thatthis ring could be a really good gift for afriend at work. So I asked my mom to ask my boyfriend more information about the ring since he wasn’t telling me anything. And so she did. And of course as his future mother in law, he told her everything. He gave her all the details, withher promise that she won’t tell me his little secret. But guess what?She told me everything. It turns out that one of his college friends recommended this really nice website called where he usually buys gifts for his girlfriend. So, my boyfriend checked it out, and saw this beautiful fashionable sterling silver ring which he thought it could be something that I may wear and he could give me it as my birthday gift. They said that you can tell how much your man knows you by the things the buys for you. And I think my man is really getting to know me better than what I thought. This ring makes me think of him and the great time we had at Virginia Beach celebrating my birthday. Here is my ring, and the link to it. Have fun shopping for your girlfriends.