Peridot is a gemstone from the mineral olivine family; with harness of 6.5 on the scale of gem’s hardness developed by Mineralogist Friedrich Mohs in 1812. The name Peridot comes from the French word faridat, which means gem. Peridot has different shades of olive green, and greenish yellow, Peridot comes from many parts of the world including Zabargad, Myanmar, Arizona, Hawaii, and Norway. It is usually found in rocks intergrown with other minerals.

Peridot was known as the evening emerald by ancients’ romans and Egyptians during the time of Cleopatra. She loved peridot and used it in many of her beautiful jewelry and clothes. This gemstone is translucent and some times even transparent,its beautiful shades olive green made Peridot a very unique and desirable gemstone by people with power during the 1500 B. C.


We love peridot for its lovely olive green shades that reminds us of peacefulness, strength and earthiness. And because it complement well almost all other color gemstones.

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Our favorite celebrities with August Birthdays

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  3. Halle Berry’s birthday:            August 14th 1966
  4. Mila Kunis’s birthday:             August 14th 1983
  5. Madonna’s birthday:               August 16th 1958
  6. Robert De Niro’s birthday:      August 17th 1943
  7. Al Roker’s birthday:                August 20th  1954
  8. Amy Adams’ birthday:            August 20th, 1974
  9. Sean Connery’s birthday:       August 25th, 1930
  10. Rachael Ray’s birthday:         August 25th,  1968
  11. Cameron Diaz’s birthday:      August 30th, 1972
  12. Richard Gere’s birthday:       August 31st,  1949


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